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NEC QMaster

NEC’s Unified Communications for Business helps unify your entire organisation to work more efficiently.




Integrated communications that improve business efficiency

NEC's Unified Communications for Business (UCB) application is easy to use and tailored to meet your needs. It provides a range of tools to help your contact centre become more responsive, more flexible and function more efficiently. Tools include rich presence technology (RPT), unified messaging, and mobile and desktop telephony, so staff can make better and more informed decisions, quicker.

Improved communications, all in one place

UCB helps unify your entire organisation, enabling individuals, departments and locations to work more efficiently by ensuring seamless internal and external communications, using one desktop application.

Eliminate barriers to successful interaction

UCB allows you to meet your employee and customer needs simply and effectively, improves the functionality of your business management, and minimises the costs of unifying communications.




Proactive voice messaging

UCB Voice Messaging ensures that your mailbox greeting changes when your status does, meaning callers receive the most accurate and professional greeting possible, if you are in meeting, away from your desk or out of the office. Messages can even be customised by caller, ensuring that your most important contacts receive personalised greetings.

Professional call management

UCB enables you to manage every call professionally, efficiently and effectively with UCB Executive Desktop. It delivers personalised service to your valued callers with screen recognition before even picking up the phone.

True phone control

UCB allows employees to dial direct from the desktop or even from clicking a contact's name in Microsoft Outlook, delivering ease of use, time savings and dialling accuracy to every desktop. Employees will enjoy the simplicity of using click to dial functionality.

Unified messaging

Streamline employee messaging using UCB Inbox integration, a unified messaging solution that delivers both voicemail and email messages to your email application. The benefits of unified messaging are particularly clear to mobile employees who can listen and respond to voicemails even when on the road.

Simple administration

UCB is by design, both powerful and easy to administer. Whether running Executive Desktop or utilising true Microsoft Outlook integration using Executive Outlook, users learn quickly how to administer their own mailboxes. An intuitive administration console empowers administrators to fine-tune and achieve the best from their UCB system.

Clear communication

Keep all members of your team informed using UCB Networked Voice Messaging, where voicemails can be sent to a distribution list like an email, ensuring that vital information is shared with those who need it, direct to their email or voicemail inbox but with personal touch of a voice message.

Presence management

UCB Executive Outlook means employees can see the status of their co-workers at a glance from within Microsoft Outlook. Are they on the phone, in a meeting, out of the office and when are they expected back? This feature delivers significant cost savings when calls to interstate offices are not originated due to seeing 'busy' status prior to even calling. Time savings are also enjoyed as employees use this tool to keep in touch more effectively.


Mobility gives you the flexibility of being contactable anywhere, anytime. One number to reach you no matter where you are. Think about how impressed your callers would be if they could reach you anywhere, anytime by simply calling your office phone number. Why force your most important callers to leave a message, be transferred to someone else or call multiple phone numbers hoping to catch up with you? Mobility gives you the freedom to control how, when, where and with whom you communicate.