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NEC QMaster
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NEC QMaster

NEC’s Unified Communications for Business helps unify your entire organisation to work more efficiently.




Integrated communications that improve business efficiency

NEC's Unified Communications for Business (UCB) application is easy to use and tailored to meet your needs. It provides a range of tools to help your contact centre become more responsive, more flexible and function more efficiently. Tools include rich presence technology (RPT), unified messaging, and mobile and desktop telephony, so staff can make better and more informed decisions, quicker.

Improved communications, all in one place

UCB helps unify your entire organisation, enabling individuals, departments and locations to work more efficiently by ensuring seamless internal and external communications, using one desktop application.

Eliminate barriers to successful interaction

UCB allows you to meet your employee and customer needs simply and effectively, improves the functionality of your business management, and minimises the costs of unifying communications.